Welcome to our public roadmap page. Curriki’s roadmap is driven by requests of our users, partners, and community and we take feedback very seriously. Have questions? Want to send us an ideal for our roadmap? Submit an idea here!


Planned Roadmap

As a nonprofit, the roadmap and delivery dates are subject to change based on resources but it is our commitment to you to be transparent and communicative about changes.

Release Notes

Top Requested Integrations & Activities

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Recommended/Votes on Tools

Activity Images: Content creators can search from a library of icons and images to easily create thumbnails for activities in CurrikiStudio

Badges/Leaderboards: Content creators can create a badging & leaderboard system for learners doing activities built in CurrikiStudio.

Quiz Games: Content creators can create fun, engaging quizzes on mobile

Video Conferencing: Content creators can embed video conferencing for blended learning playlists

Learner-to-Learner Collaboration: Content creators can create activities that encourage learners to collaboratively respond.

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